Saturday, January 2, 2016

Arctic Oscillation & Bee Cozy Hive Wrap

This might not be the optimal time to add the bee cozy hive wrap, but I'm itching to acknowledge winter.   As you can see from the Arctic Oscillation forecast, this is the first significant negative downturn this winter.  Atlanta December temperatures have been mild and I held off adding the bee cozy. My concerns include limited winter forage and a larger than seasonally appropriate bee population. Here are the hive elements at this time.
  • screen bottom board with no counting board insert
  • bee cozy hive wrap surrounding the June-July hive re-sizing
  • inner cover with top notch ventilation
  • two 3/4 inch sheets of XPS insulation between inner cover and telescoping cover
  • white corrugated plastic sheet overhang with concrete pavers on top

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