Saturday, April 12, 2014

betterbee wood nucleus box attracts swarm

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I created 5 swarm traps - all contain some dark brood comb and a swarm lure.  After many days of scouting, the swarm selects one - yellow highlighter indicates the characteristics of the selected swarm trap.:
  • entrance size and geometry -  1" round or 12" x 3/4" rectangle
  • entrance height above ground -  3' or 16'
  • entrance orientation - south, east or west
  • cavity volume - 1387 cubic inch or 5030 cubic inch
  • direct morning sun or no morning sunshine
Not every combination was created
  • 3 large volume swarm traps have a 12" x 3/4" entrances which face west and are 3 feet above ground.  
  • 2 small volume swarm traps have a 1" round entrance facing either south or east and are 16 feet above ground. 
As the swarm trap contains movable frames, there is no urgency to lower the nucleus box to a shady ground location.  If morning sun played a significant role in their cavity selection, then let them enjoy the sun while the weather is still cool and wet.

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