Saturday, January 12, 2013

spring 2013 weather outlook

NOAA announced that "2012 was warmest and second most extreme year on record for the contiguous U.S."   Looking forward, NOAA forecasts the Atlanta spring 2013 with above normal temperatures and normal rainfall.  
On warm days, I see bees foraging for water, mahonia, rosemary and winter blooming cherry (too difficult to catch on camera)The bee cozies are still on, but not for too much longerI am lucky, all three hives are still alive - I plan to spring split the strongest hives in an attempt to control swarming and create another hive.

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Rick Federation said...

Its spring again and the bees will be busy again doing the bee thing, well I have a tip that I think you will all like for warm weather and water for your bees. I am one of the owners of nuisance wildlife removal company and we deal with bees a lot and one of our owners is a beekeeper and he uses a material called Cobra Ridge Vent, it kinda looks like a Scotch Bright pad made of a plastic material well Cobra Vent material is like that but on steroids. Just cut a piece to fit the bottom of a shallow pan and add water the bees cant drown and with all the large nooks and crannies available as the water level goes down the bees will have access to it without drowning.