Thursday, March 17, 2011

arctic oscillation versus La Niña pattern

December 2010 and January 2011 were breathtakingly cold and attributed to a large amplitude negative phase of the arctic oscillation according to the state climatologist David Emory Stooksbury.  As the arctic oscillation phase is now positive, perhaps a more typical La Niña pattern (warmer and dryer) will predominate for Atlanta.

Or perhaps can start laughing date, mid-March 2011, rainfall nearly equals the March average.  The soil is completely saturated with the latest 1.4" of rain.    So, I will cross-out dryer.  Will the March 2011 temperature be warmer than average? can start laughing again.

My plan is to keep the bee cozy on till consistently warm (50 °F) dawn temperatures arrive.  The bee cozy may be a bee hive management inconvenience, but the bee cozy does not harm the bees.  In the photo, imagine a chilly 44 °F morning with several drone pupa dragged onto the landing board.

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