Sunday, November 30, 2008

2009 wish list

Where does reading get me? Reading about bees is very satisfying and builds my vocabulary, but how much is appropriate to the tiny Atlanta in-town apiary? I mostly rely on listening to my Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association (MABA) friends, re-reading Keith Delaplaine's book "First Lessons in Beekeeping" and of course trying to learn from my mistakes. Here is my 2009 wish list:

  • Running two AJ Beetle Eaters (+vegetable oil) per box, not one per hive as in 2008
  • Purchasing nematodes (Southeast Insectary in Perry 877 967 6777) for spring SHB treatment
  • Replacing concrete blocks with new hive stands that lift the hives higher and let more light reach the ground
  • Painting a unique entrance for each hive as described in The Buzz about Bees by Jürgen Tautz
  • Trying a bucket syrup feeder and certainly repeating the baggie feeding
  • Purchasing more queen excluders and running a single deep brood chamber, not two as in 2008
  • Trying a queen marking kit and practicing on a few drones
  • Purchasing swarm traps (+lures), not the reactive ladder based swarm capturing as in 2008
  • Trying MegaBee served dry using a bird (meal worm) feeder--no protein served in 2008
  • Trying SuperBoost brood pheromone during the summer
  • Trying Honey B Healthy (+water) for front entrance boardman feeding--not letting the neighbor water my bees using their salt water system swimming pool as in 2008
Why am I changing so many variables--not very scientific? My goal in 2009 is to reduce the SHB population and cover the single deep brood chamber with lots of bees during the summer SHB strength.

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