Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 at-a-glance

2008 was filled with many bee experiences--some unexpected. Thoughts like "what have I got myself into" entered my mind more than a few times. Here are my 2008 beekeeping calendar highlights:

  • 20-March: Two nucleus hives from P.N. Williams sit next to deep 8-frame hive bodies
  • 8-April: Add second deep hive body to each hive, "Buda" and "Pest"
  • 2-May: Bees pour out of "Buda" like rushing water. Captured a very small swarm on the shaded ground and create a new third hive, Kent, using a deep hive body.
  • 12-May: Bees pour out of "Buda" again. Captured a medium sized swarm while standing on the neighbors roof. I have run-out of wooden ware, so I combine the new swarm with "Kent" which requires a week of using the queen exlcuder as a queen includer.
  • week of 9-June & 16-June: volunteer at Oakhurst Community Garden's Beekeeping Camp; Curtis Gentry helps me label the interesting summer bee behaviour as washboarding
  • 3-August: "Pest" is lost to small hive beetle (SHB) and robbing
  • 17-August: "Kent" is abandoned and covered with SHB slime
  • 15-September: "Buda" is abandoned and covered in-part with SHB slime

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