Saturday, March 25, 2017

Swarm Trap - March 25th '17

bee, beekeeping, dark brood comb, swarm, swarm lure, swarm trap,
Active scouting quickly changed into a mid-afternoon move-in.   Bees appear to be pouring sideways into the swarm trap entrance. This hanging 8-frame deep contains 1 frame of brood comb, 7 frames with foundation and a swarm lure.   A hole saw was used to create two entrances - one that you can see and another on the bottom side.  I don't want to use foundation, but the non-level box is not suitable for foundation-less frames.   It's too good to be true, this swarm did not demonstrate any comb building behavior beneath the box.   After an hour, everyone was inside.   It rained last night. I'm glad they stayed dry and are presumably busy drawing comb.

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