Sunday, August 14, 2016

third hand tool - wood shims

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This year, I asked for help in the beeyard - a neighborhood beekeeper (aka He who must not be taken seriously) helped brush bees off capped honey frames and then place those frames into a covered storage tote.   Later the same day, friends Lauren and Todd helped in the kitchen, cut-out comb, then crush and strain the honey crop.   These are wonderful examples of an extra pair of hands.

Now imagine working solo in the beeyard - pry a gap beneath the top box with a standard hive tool and insert wood shims as a third hand tool.  Move to the opposite side of the box and repeat the process.   Now it's easier to lift the top box without fighting sticky propolis re-gluing the gap.  As wood shims are hard to recover against a leaf litter background - I add a piece of blue tape to the thick end of shim.

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