Wednesday, March 2, 2011

betterbee wood nucleus box as a swarm trap

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In past years I used compressed paper swarm traps with some success.  However the betterbee wood nucleus box may have a few advantages compared to paper based solutions:

  • Does not require a ladder to put the swarm trap in place
  • Swarm trap can be placed higher in the tree
  • After attracting a swarm, the trap can be left in place longer
  • The box base screwed to the box walls and migratory cover are ideal for rope suspension 
A long tree loper/saw pole is used to place a guide rope through a Y of a crapemyrtle tree.  Beneath the Y, the tree trunk is encircled by a plastic tubing covered rope with a locking quick link and final rope. I used the guide rope to pull the final rope into place at the Y of the tree.  Inside the box are five frames with 1 inch wax foundation strips and one pheromone lure.  The heavy ~12 lb weight of the box keeps the box in place without additional straps.  The tree loper/saw pole is also used to turn the box so that the box entrance faces south, but definitely no ladder is required.    Plastic tubing is also used to protect/secure 1) the box and 2) the tree trunk at the final rope tie-off.


Cassandra said...

I love it!

Steven C said...

I've considered something similar with a rope-over-a-tree. What keeps the nuc from pivoting in the wind, etc.?

-- Steven

George Andl said...

Steve, I have two such traps. One is apparently sheltered from wind and does not rock at all with wind gusts. The other trap rocks/moves slightly with wind gusts. The shape and weight of the trap is not wind vane like and the rope pulls the trap in contact with the tree trunk. George

Mark Z said...

Cool George! Looks like you got the trap up, high and secure. Hope you snag a swarm. mz

wood chest said...

I love it!