Monday, January 3, 2011

water foraging

It's winter and a few days ago snow and ice covered Atlanta.  My bee activity expectations are extremely low.    The temperatures barely touched 50 °F, but with the leaves down, the afternoon sun touched the landing board.  On an old post, I showed how to make rafts using plastic straws.  However, this is the first time I caught the bees using the raft.  What can I say, I'm easily flattered and entertained.


Curt said...

Very cool raft! How're the straws attached to one another?

George Andl said...

Curt, I made cuts in the plastic straws just large enough to weave other straws through the cut. These rafts last indefinitely, but it take longer to assemble than using hot glue.

Linda T said...

I love all your innovative, inventive bee ideas, George!
Your fan,
Linda T

Carol said...

You are not the only one easily entertained. I don't have bees yet but have 7 or 8 that are consistantly at my birdbath. I have a couple of rocks for them. Trying to fix the "B" line but havn't found the hive yet. I keep telling them that I have 2 hives for them to choose from when they get ready to move.