Thursday, July 1, 2010

3qt deep division board feeder experience

Here is my experience with a 3qt deep division board feeder.  I fed two new bee packages using a deep division board feeder, where the feeder took the place of one outermost deep frame.  The new feeders were tested for leaks using water, then 3qts of syrup (plus Honey-B-Healthy) was added and topped up with more syrup as needed. I opened the small black door and poured syrup into the middle filling compartment which raised the floats and bees too.  If the bees became defensive, then I:
  • try to slow down my (hand) movements
  • slid (not removed) the inner cover to the right exposing only the feeder
A second deep box was added when all the wax strips had lots of comb.  I moved one frame of comb (as bait) and the deep division board feeder to the second deep box.  After seven weeks, comb inside the feeders began to interfere with the floats and the division board feeders were replaced with wax strips and I started pail feeding.
Now I get to inspect the empty feeders.  In one empty feeder, no (zero) drowned bees are discovered.  In the other empty feeder, three drowned bees are in the central filling compartment.  What a relief not to find too many dead bees.  On the web I read the experiences of others using less sophisticated division board feeders that have a tendency to collapse or drown bees.


John Jones said...


I have never used this type feeder because of the drown bee problems of the past. The ones you are using seem to work well. However, exterior feeding to me is still easier and less invasive. I do see where the frame feeder has applications especailly in a new hive.
John Jones
Stone Mountain, Ga.

Steve said...

George,I've tried others but the best feeder I have used is the most low tech -the plastic baggie on top of the inner cover. I can pull the top cover and instantly see how much has been used and replace if necessary with a brand new bag with minimal disturbance to the bees.

Carol said...

I have just gotten my first swarm and now have 1 hive...only a few days but they are still here. I enjoyed reading about the different feeders. I need something that will work for a few weeks to a month. You have good info..will be back.