Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Natural Cell Size & Machine Vision

I'm in the process of measuring natural cell size using a simplified version of machine vision OpenCV software - it's called SimpleCV.    Still, the SimpleCV learning curve is steep and I would not recommend SimpleCV to the non-programmer - it's not simple to create a robust workflow to measure natural cell size.    Don't attempt this programming journey without the book - Practical Computer Vision with SimpleCV -The Simple Way to Make Technology See.
Michael Bush has written on the subject of natural cell size and focused on measuring brood comb. I'm going to start my measurements with cells used for honey storage. Honey comb is not darkened. So, I'm able to light the cells from either the camera side or from behind the cells - I've decided to start with placing my light source behind the cells.  This honey comb was drawn without foundation. I'm using Medium Foundationless Frames from Kelly Beekeeping - select frame style F.

Here are a few photos of my setup and SimpleCV results so far.  

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