Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas, bee respiration and flight activity

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Winter Storm Jonas brought 1.8 inches of rain and a dusting of snow to Atlanta.   The bees are not flying this chilly morning, but the inner cover notch is where I'm focusing my attention.   25.5°F outdoor temperature are compared to warm moist air, bee respiration, exiting the inner cover notch.

At the notch, I measured the temperature of three hives as 31.5°F, 36.5°F and 34.0°F using an inexpensive IR thermometer.   This small range of notch temperatures correlate with how I judged flight activity on warmer days.    In other words, the 36.5°F hive flies most vigorously on warmer days. Notice the drop of condensation (not rain) hanging on the telescoping cover.

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