Sunday, March 11, 2012

off with the bee cozy & spring markers 2012

Bee foraging on redbud tree

Bee foraging on burford holly bush

We returned from a two week UK trip to discover all of my spring markers present (today is day 71 of this year).   Our winter was exceptionally warm and compared to the past three years, the spring markers have come early. 

                              2009               2010                 2011
                         Day of Year        Day of Year          Day of Year
Bradford Pear               65                 79                   60
Carpenter Bees              68                 87                   72
Acer palmatum leaf out      73                 92                   77
Flowering Dogwood           80                 93                   80
Asian Wisteria              83                 96                   81
Carolina Cherry Laurel      73                 97                   83

I removed the bee cozys and during the inspection discover tons of bees and brood in all of the boxes.  I can't say enough good things about the bee cozy--at $15, the reusable bee cozy is a no-brainer.  Despite redbud tree and burford holly bush forage, the bees are more defensive than I expected, perhaps this is consistent with the absence of  a major nectar flow.  Did I nearly miss all of the Atlanta spring?--all except the tulip poplar flow.

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