Tuesday, January 2, 2018

bomb cyclone

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Winter storm Grayson brought cold temperatures to Atlanta, but no snow.  Use this link to see NOAA's satellite image.

Here's a photo of the upside down telescoping cover.  Warm moist bee respiration which left the inner cover notch, condenses on the cold telescoping cover and froze as a white ring.  Click the image for more detail.

17 °F temperatures encouraged me to add the bee cozy hive wrap now.    The hive wrap is designed for 10 frame equipment, so easily slips over my 8 frame boxes and cloake board.   I'm overwintering a tall vertical double stack of hives.   The stack contains a cloake board, where I removed the cloake board's sliding floor leaving its queen excluder to separate the two hives.  I added two overlapping cozys on the upper large stack of boxes and one cozy to cover the smaller lower stack of boxes.

From the bottom up, here are the hive elements at this time.
  • screen bottom board with counting board insert removed
  • 1 bee cozy hive wrap surrounding 1 deep box and 3 medium boxes 
  • cloake board with integrated queen excluder and sliding floor removed
  • 2 overlapping bee cozy hive wraps surrounding 2 deep boxes and 3 medium boxes
  • inner cover with top notch ventilation
  • two sheets of 3/4 inch XPS insulation 
  • telescoping cover
  • white corrugated plastic sheet overhang
  • concrete pavers on top

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