Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beetlejail Entrance Trap

Over the winter I prepared the Beetlejail Entrance Trap for attachment to an 8 frame Brushy Mountain bottom board.  I used a foam brush for the green paint and white spray paint for the novel grooved entrance.  From the look of the bleeding white paint I should have used the expensive green FROG TAPE. Apparently, the small hive beetles (SHB) try to escape the bees by running around the grooved rectangular perimeter..  The bottom edge of the perimeter leads to a pull-out drawer which has three chambers of olive oil.  Dave Miller suggested a lure is not necessary - "the hive odor is more than sufficient as a lure" says Dave, and I have to agree.

In June I noticed the SHB corralled beneath the inverted 1 gallon pail feeder or corralled between the cover and inner cover.  On July 7th I added the Beetlejail Entrance Trap to a functioning hive, my split.   This installation was slightly tricky.  I moved the box away from landing area, then attached the trap to the existing bottom board.  The last step is to coax back the box flush with the trap.    

Esthetically the hive now has the charming (or outrageous) look of an elephant seal.  I added a rectangle of plastic window screen to the inner cover hole after I stopped feeding with an inverted pail.   The window screen prevents the SHB from entering by way of the top of the hive.  Initially the bees propolized the perimeter of the inner cover hole, now the bees have completely propolized the inner cover hole. 

Has the trap eliminated all SHB?  Probably not, but it has been a lot of fun.


Roland Hefner said...

Hope the trap system works cuz' after looking at your pics. and, I bought the front & back trap w/ screen last night..!! (I'm a gardener who needed bees and now a proud owner of my first hive as of 10 days ago..) Impressed with the innovation and wondering if the system is holding up..? Haven't seen any pics of (no pics. available Mr. Miller's admittance)the transitional pieces between the pieces, but I know I do not need the adapter board since I also bought bettlejails' screen bottom mite board with back trap. Called Mr. Miller last night and he promptly returned my call. Additionally, yes Frog Tape is worth it..!! Noticed that before I saw you had written about it.. Anyways excited to hear a comment back to hear the system works as advertised. RH

George Andl said...

Ronald, welcome to the beekeeping hobby. I find that SHB traps that resided outside the hive are easier for me to manage and monitor. I use the beetlejail entrance trap during summer and fall seasons only. Mr Miller provides a great product and prompt support. Keep in touch and send a photo my way.